Birchington Kaleidoscope 1 and 2
by Jennie Burgess
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Each Volume contains about 150 pages, half text and half pictures
There are over 250 pictures and the 10 topics covered in Volume 1 are:

All Saints Church        Buried Treasure (in the Churchyard)
Farms & Barns               Quex        Windmills in Birchington
Birchington Hall           Law & Order         The Fire Brigade
Medieval & Tudor buildings        The Railway & the Seaside

and in volume 2

Birchington Square            Education in Birchington
The First Bungalows           The Seventeenth Century
The Catholic Church        The Curate and the Queen
Smuggling             The First World War    
The Three Village Centres
Thanet Earth and the Archaeological Dig    
Birchington Heritage Trust
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